Most children with disabilities receive special education services through their local public school. If your child has a disability that affects their ability to access an education, they are entitled to services under either a 504 plan or an IEP. The Autism Advocacy & Law Center, LLC, is committed to helping children with disabilities achieve their full potential through a high quality, individualized education. For more information regarding your child’s special education rights, download our fact sheet: Disability Knowledge Series: Special Education.

Parents play a critical role in their child’s education. You are part of your child’s IEP team, and the teammakes decisions about the placement, services, and accommodations that your child will receive. This means that you have the power to determine your child’s educational experiences. If you think your child isn’t receiving the education he or she needs, speak up!

Most parents assume that the school district knows what their child needs. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true. Too often, children fall through the cracks, or languish too long in an educational program that isn’t right for them. The school district may not be setting high enough expectations for your child, or may have failed to notice that your child is struggling. The AALC can help secure the educational programming your child needs, including the following:

  • Establishing your child’s eligibility for special education and developing an appropriate IEP
  • Securing special education services for children who are home-schooled or in private schools
  • Addressing your child’s lack of educational progress or the school’s failure to implement the IEP
  • Protecting your child’s educational privacy and managing your child’s transitions between programs. See: Fact Sheet: Protecting your Child’s Privacy
  • Establishing transition services for a child over age 14
  • Determining the correct educational placement for your child, including out-of-district placement

When things go wrong at school, having an experienced attorney on your side can make a big difference. An inappropriate educational program can lead to serious behavior and safety problems and even referrals to juvenile court. In addition, children with disabilities are too often the victims of discrimination, harassment, and bullying. Your child has the right to be safe at school! The AALC can help with:

  • Dispute Resolution
  • Special Education violations
  • Discrimination and other civil rights claims, including harassment and bullying
  • Discipline matters, including suspension and expulsion
  • Juvenile court proceedings based on educational failure