"Our mission is to provide high-quality, cost-effective legal services to individuals with disabilities and their families."


The Autism Advocacy & Law Center is committed to assisting individuals with disabilities and their families with their legal needs.  Our attorneys understand the challenges that parents and caregivers of individuals with disabilities face.  Our goal is to help you meet these challenges head on.  We take the time to work with you to understand your family, your child, your child’s disability, and help you determine what options will best meet your family’s needs.

Meeting their current needs

Life is full of challenges when you are the parent of a child with autism or another disability.  Dealing with school, social services, and even law enforcement can be overwhelming. Not everyone understands your child the way that you do.  When a dispute with your school, social service agency, or law enforcement arises, we are here to protect your rights and make sure your child’s voice is heard.

Meeting their future needs

Planning for your child’s future now is critical to ensuring that their future financial and legal needs will be met.  Using proper estate planning tools, we can help you ensure that your child’s financial needs will be met, while still maintaining eligibility for government benefits.  We can also help you establish legal guardianship, so that you can continue to help your child make important medical, educational, and financial decisions.

Dealing With Divorce

When parents divorce, both they and their children are faced with many uncertainties, including financial support, health insurance, and where their children will live. Often, parents will have very different perspective’s on their children’s disability and visions for their future. We understand the issues facing divorcing parents of special needs children and can help you  decide which options will best fit your changing needs.